5 Solutions To Your Data Problems

Posted by Marliesa Dougans on Jul 10, 2020 6:56:10 AM

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We have the pleasure of working with many different industries and resolving the data issues they experience. From managing the data, maintaining the environment, and providing insight into "what does my data mean?". Maybe we can answer a few of these questions.


My database administrators are stuck doing admin tasks and do not have the time to focus on business-critical events?

Humm.db, an EnterpriseWorx (EWX) product, is an intelligent database management tool. It allows for maintenance and automation to free up your resources to focus on business-critical tasks. With built-in reporting, at a glance, you can see what your SQL environment looks like and do you need to do maintenance.


My SQL databases are dispersed and often have low-connectivity to them, how will I synchronize and centralize my data?

Conductor4SQL (C4SQL) is a database management tool that can synchronize and centralize your SQL data, through dispersed instances and during low-connectivity. Should the connection be lost, C4SQL will automatically return the data or query as instructed without human intervention.


I need reporting on my data but do not have the time to wait for a lengthy development discussion, what do I do?

Our reporting solutions are near plug-and-play ready, giving you an incredible turn around time to value proposition. The ability to add in bespoke reporting on top of the current solution.


Is it possible to convert from Qlikview to Power BI?

Oh yes, our mature business intelligence team has the expansive skill set in both solutions and can convert your Qlikview reporting to Power BI, or vice versa. We are Power BI Partners and can find our profile at, www.powerbi.com


View one of our Retail Solutions:



What makes our products different?

EnterpriseWorx (EWX) was established in 2003 and we have been Gold Managed Microsoft Partners since inception. For over 17 years we have developed solutions in multiple industries, namely retail, manufacturing, human resources, financial solutions, insurance, logistics, etc. Our pride is in creating client relationships that last a lifetime.

Our team develop these solutions with industry experience, this means that our team have retail knowledge, logistics knowledge, etc. We develop solutions with the client needs in mind. 


If you would like to know more about any of the above solutions contact us info@ewx.co.za, or if you would like to view our list of clients visit www.ewx.co.za.


Let us provide you with the insights you need to stay ahead of your competitors.



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