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A Look Ahead: 2022 Milestones, Thoughts and Predictions

Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics clients who’ve stuck with us will know of our origins in data management and business intelligence.

For many industries, 2021 proved another tricky year of challenges and silver linings. But let’s not wallow. If there’s one thing we learned in Q4 of 2021 it’s that folks are tired of bad news and doom and gloom forecasts.

For those determined to stay ‘glass half full’ in 2022, here are a few stories of what went right in the world in 2021. What went right for us in 2021? Find our silver-linings roundup here of highlights and adaptive business changes we made.

Let’s look ahead to the industry challenges we see down the road, plus a couple of highlights of what’s in our pipeline.

First, a brief look over our shoulder to the 12 months just behind us.

”What Would You Have Done Differently In 2021?

Right now, a quarter almost feels like a full 12 months, such is the pace of events and business impactors. It seemed last year as though we’d barely risen to take a breath when the year was drawing to a close.

If we could rewind and repeat 2021, what would we do differently? On the whole, not much—the operational changes we made by decentralising with a fully-remote team meant we were well able to serve new, often distant, customers with diverse, remote talent.

That said, the one thing we’d do differently is to spend more time with clients in a social context! If only to break the work-from-home cycle.

”What Are Your Milestones for 2022?”

In 2021, EnterpriseWorx became one of a few select SYSPRO distribution Partners in the UK, owing to our specialist expertise in developing bespoke tools compatible with SYSPRO.

In 2022, a big milestone for us will be in extending our footprint and value in the UK region, while continuing to grow our local value proposition to the South African customer base we’ve served since 2003.

To achieve this, we hope to leverage our recently-rolled-out operational model of decentralisation, so that we can extend our consultative, data-management and development capacities evenly, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Expanding Conductor4SQL

One of the value adds we hope to bring to South African clients is our greatly expanded database management automation platform, Conductor4SQL.

In 2021, Conductor4SQL was significantly developed and ‘modularised’ into a suite of six individual database-management competencies that can be picked, mixed and combined to reduce license bloat and redundancy.

”What’s the One Message You Would Give to Clients for 2022?”

Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics clients who’ve stuck with us over the years will know of our origins in data management and business intelligence.

They’ll also know how we’ve evolved to offer strategic partnership and ‘data-to-decisions’ mentoring for continual enterprise performance optimisation.

To those clients, and future clients, we simply want to say “business as usual”. In 2022 we hope to continue advancing your data-to-decisions capacity through close relationships.

We also hope to sharpen further our ability to offer an Innovative Analytical approach to solving new and complex business problems from operational processes to financial challenges. Digital transformation is an ongoing process and we’re here to ensure yours continues in the right ways.

”What Industry Challenges Do You Foresee for Manufacturing and Distribution in 2022?”

In 2022 we foresee that Manufacturing and Distribution will be under continued pressure to keep up with dynamic trends as the pandemic persists, whilst still having to align with their customer's adaptive processes and demands for optimised order and delivery processes.

Through EnterpriseWorx's experience to increase operational performance and paired with leading technology, SYSPRO ERP, the flexibility and agility to respond to these new demands are available.

”Are There Any Developments in the Pipeline Specific to the UK as a Select Syspro Partner?”

Yes, as it happens.

EnterpriseWorx UK has established a formidable resource pool of SYSPRO consultants to help implement and support new and existing SYSPRO customers in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain & Logistics verticals.

Thanks to strong partnerships and complementary solutions, the UK market will now have access to this readily available expertise and business transformation potential. 

”Here’s to a Year of Continued Recovery and Fulfilled Potential”

Whether you’re a client of ours or not, the EWX team would like to wish you every success in 2022. The signs, sounds and signals coming from certain economic, political and industry corners at the top of the year call for cautious optimism.

For those in Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics facing ongoing challenges that will likely remain to some degree in 2022, EnterpriseWorx extends an offer of strategic partnership.

Speak to us about how we can help optimise your business’s data sets to provide critical insight into new trends and strategic processes so that you can find new ways of better using your own data assets to pull the right levers at the right time.

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