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Could Your Organization Be Doing Data Management Better? (Probably)

Great data management process is hard to maintain when you have major day-to-day priorities to take care of.

When you hear the phrase ‘data is the new oil’ in business pop culture it’s often in the context of extracting value from other people’s data—for example, free apps and social media user activity.

When it comes to letting our own data be managed by and empowering others, most of us barely flinch. Yet, when it comes to empowering ourselves as businesses and organizations with better data management of our own data, we often fail to capture the full scope of opportunity.

The Business Goals of Data Management You Already Knew About

Before we examine why some businesses and organizations struggle to get data management right, let’s recap the perks.

What is data management for?

Data management is the process of refining the oil of business data Into something valuable. Its goal is to empower strategic decision-making by ingesting, storing, organising and maintaining organisational data.

Sounds powerfully alluring, doesn’t it? Like something, most businesses could use more of. Of course, you already know these. The business intelligence and insight potential of tidy, accurate, accessible data are obvious:

  1. Reduce operational friction
  2. Enable data-to-decisions culture in leadership
  3. Protect the needs of data stakeholders
  4. Help management adopt common approaches to data issues
  5. Build standard, repeatable processes
  6. Reduce costs while increasing productivity and coordination
  7. Ensure transparency of processes

This list reads like a 7-item Christmas wish list of any major organization with major ambitions, doesn't it? The issue isn’t one of lack of awareness of the benefits.

Part of the problem is that many organisations think they’re already data-savvy when perhaps they still have some way to go to realising their true data-to-decisions potential.

Let’s look at some of the mistaken approaches and assumptions behind data management that struggles to truly deliver the business advantages that it should.

1: Treating data management as a ‘product’ or ‘project’

Data management can't be switched on as a product or started and finished as a one-time project. Ultimately, it’s an ongoing process of continual housekeeping that ensures the 7 goals outlined above are consistently serviced and maintained.

This is a key lesson for businesses who think they’re already data-savvy. As a result, many organizations remain at a stage of infancy with data management process, instead of graduating to a data paradigm of continual data-to-decisions agility.

2: Neglected data management landscape

A direct consequence of the ‘data management’ as ‘product’ or ‘project’ mindset is one of a lack of continual visibility over internal data management landscapes.

To illustrate this point, here’s a brief case study.

Just 10% Can Be 100% of the Problem

Servicing one of our clients, EWX applied a method we call GREEN to GOLD designed to capture major cost-efficiencies with very little spending.

We discovered the client’s architectural landscape consisted of 90% Microsoft, with the analytics portion of the landscape that made up 10% resting on a different platform.

By helping the client migrate an already 90% Microsoft client into Azure Cloud, EWX were able to significantly reduce licencing costs for things such as running and upkeep of SQL Server instances.

We also discovered that the maintenance they had been paying on the 10% of analytics architecture not on Microsoft had been colossal.

EWX helped the client understand that they could move all their analytics to Microsoft Power BI at a fraction of the price for licensing as well as having the budget to pay for all the development and migration.

Continually Efficient Data Management Process Is About Partnership (that Feels More Like Family)

If this little dissection of our frustrations with some of the limited approaches businesses and organizations take to the effective data management process seems harsh, it’s only because we know the true potential of properly realised data management potential.

We see that potential is realised in the EWX clients we serve through the cost-efficient architectures we maintain for them and the data-to-decisions capacity they develop as a result.

A great data management process is hard to maintain when you have major day-to-day priorities to take care of. That’s why we invite you to partner with us and become part of our business family.

Speak to us about putting your data management process in our care and we’ll explain in more detail how we’ll treat your data and business objectives as though they were our very own.

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