Curious, kindhearted and hard-working - Meet Shouneez van Rooyen

Woman in Tech for the strides she has made from Sales to Project Administrator, earning herself an Azure Fundamentals certification with many more to come.

Shouneez_Meet Shouneez van Rooyen, curious about every interaction. Shouneez will mention that she has worn many hats in her career. Her formal career started as a sales representative at an insurance company and further developed into marketing and now a Project Administrator at EnterpriseWorx


While she is still in the early stage of her career, Shouneez has proven that with a burning curiosity to go with action to see what it is all about serves her well in her Project Administration role.


Through this continued curiosity, Shouneez has and will gain lots of knowledge within the tech industry. She often adds, "… intending to grow my skill set and to add value to the female tech world."


It is clear in the interactions with Shouneez that she is kindhearted in her day-to-day life. From project administrator, colleague, to friend and mother. She lends an ear and shoulder to everyone and offers her support in every aspect she can.


We celebrate Shouneez as a Woman in Tech for the strides she has made from Sales to Project Administrator, earning herself an Azure Fundamentals certification with many more to come. And the kindness she brings to people's daily lives.


Can you share a bit of what you do and what a typical day is like for you?


"I am a project administrator for EnterpriseWorx. I work closely with developers in tracking project timelines, tasks, and objectives. My day starts with short 15min stand-ups with the main purpose of tracking project progress and assisting my team with any blockers/admin tasks. I end my day off by checking timesheets and ensuring that development tasks have been captured for the day and prepping for the next day's stand-ups and admin."


Who is your modern-day hero?

"Meredith Whittaker"


Who is Meredith Whittaker?


She is the co-founder of the AI Now Institute and Founder of Google's Open Research group. Her research and advocacy focus on the social implications of artificial intelligence and the tech industry responsible for it.


Is there one piece of advice you wish somebody gave you at the beginning of your career?


"Follow your dream and not be swayed by people's opinion of you in the workplace, especially as a woman."


How have you found it best to promote and nurture women in the workplace in a management position?


"I have found it best to listen intently to concerns and issues without always having to give answers but rather to support and encourage my coworkers to make the best decision for themselves in any given situation. My view is that your intuition is a good leader."


Thank you for participating Shouneez, and for sharing this insight into your everyday life. Showcasing what the female leaders of tomorrow are capable of and that learning never stops. It stops when you stop being curious. 


In the famous idiom:

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!


While it may be risky to go on investigative journeys, you will find satisfaction and joy in the learning experience, and you will return all the wiser and happier!


Be curious, trailblaze and learn something new every day!  

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