EWX in 2021: A Year of Great Challenges and Greater Successes

That’s right. EnterpriseWorx is now decentralised with a team trusted to perform from wherever they perform best.

In January 2021 social media fizzed with the customary ‘new year, new us’ optimism of a more positive year. We all crossed our fingers. As it turned out, 2021 proved to be 2020’s harder brother for businesses and their employees navigating yet more ‘unprecedented’ challenges.

Resurgent Covid variants, global supply chain disruption and ‘The Great Resignation’—despite the new hurdles, there have been positive trends; the global economy saw a bounce back and the IMF forecast continued, though slightly contracted growth for 2022.

Those who’ve come out stronger have done so through adaptive resilience. That’s been our approach, at least, and these are a few of the 2021 outcomes that we’d like to take a moment to share.

In 2021 EWX Went Officeless and Fully Remote

That’s right. EnterpriseWorx is now decentralised with a team trusted to perform from wherever they perform best. Sure, for many business times the cons of hybrid and remote work outweigh the pros, but for us, it couldn’t make more sense.

We’re now able to source the right talent, wherever it likes to live and work, so we’re not limited by local talent pools which is just as well—what we do takes niche specialists.

Our biggest asset is our people

Why did we go remote in 2021? It’s simple. It truly makes us better. We’ve never been more productive. It sounds cliche, but it’s true—the collective talents of our team are what enables us to continually guide clients along their data-to-decisions journey for even greater enterprise performance management.

What does it mean for clients?

For our people, decentralisation means trust, flexibility, autonomy and the space to do their best work. For our clients, it means an elevated level of data solutions and enterprise performance consulting that naturally comes from the ownership, pride and enjoyment that our people get from their work.

Are you a relentless problem-solving Dev who loves data?

If you’re a talented developer looking for new opportunities in BI and data management, see our careers page for current vacancies.

In 2021 EWX Partnerships (Microsoft and SYSPRO UK)

Already a Microsoft Gold Partner with pillars in BI, data analytics and data management, 2021 saw our MS partnership grow yet further.

Microsoft Power BI partnership

Built on top of MS Power BI, EWX’s Analytics as a Service (AaaS) and BI solutions, Finworx and RetailWorx are powerful business intelligence models whose features and capabilities were greatly developed in 2021—a development that we’ll continue into next year.

SYSPRO UK partnership

In July 2021 EnterpriseWorx became the latest (and one of only a handful) of SYSPRO implementation partners to be appointed in the UK. We’re now ideally placed to assist UK manufacturers and distributors in undertaking business process optimisation by utilising SYSPRO ERP projects.

In 2021 SYSPRO selected EWX as a capable implementation partner for our robust expertise and tools that position us as a powerful aid in creating bespoke SYSPRO capabilities for smart manufacturing and distribution.

In 2022 we’ll be active in forming new UK partnerships with clients in manufacturing and distribution aimed at assisting the bounce back from the pandemic crisis.

In 2021 EWX Revamped the Conductor4SQL Database Management Suite of Tools

Part of the reason for the revamp of our database management automation suite, Conductor4SQL was to improve the suite’s flexibility and cost-of-ownership for clients.

Many database management automation suite’s tend to lumber enterprises with licence bloat caused by features redundancy. That’s why we’ve made Conductor4SQL modular—users can now select different modules for different database management purposes:

SQLPro: for full SQL database management with pretty much everything including live custom alerts, automated backup, maintenance and indexing, distributed SQL queries, automated reporting and scheduling.

SQLClassic: with SQL file send and pull, DDL auditing, and database security, SQL job analysis, scheduling and synchronisation.

SQLSync: for synching SQL databases and instances with 90% compression ratio tested by Microsoft.

SQLSchemas: for easily comparing, updating and taking snapshots of schemas across your entire database estate.

SQLSense: for identifying, securing and moderating access to sensitive datasets and auditing liability of those database estates.

Connect with EWX and Make Us a Key Player in Your Data to Decisions Journey

Post-2021 we aim to continue building client partnerships in retail, manufacturing, supply chain & logistics and financial services.

Our goal will be to continue advocating—through our consulting, BI, data analytics and data management competencies—for more businesses in those spaces to develop their ‘data-to-decisions’ mindset.

In that regard, we hope to bring significant enterprise performance management impact to existing and new clients who know that a stable future of growth rests on our collective ability to learn the lessons of the recent, challenging, months and years.

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