From Intern to Trailblazer, meet Chalice Meyer.

It didn’t take long for us to see the immense value and diversity she would bring, to become a permanent trailblazer. Working now with Angular, SQL & C#.

Chalice MeyerChalice Meyer, also known as Charlie, came knocking on our door as an intern. Having started in animation and soon realised it is not the course she hoped it would be, she changed direction, started with web developer courses, and proceeded with some Java and Python learning paths. 


It is through her internship that she learnt more about Angular, C# and SQL. It didn’t take long for us to see the immense value and diversity she would bring to our Application Development team, and within a few months became a permanent trailblazer.


It only fits to showcase Charlie as a Woman in Tech, from internship to employee to “an epic future”. Charlie is still early in her technology career and shows how an internship accompanied by a great mentor can blossom into something extraordinary. 


What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry?


“I find the work teams are very welcome to add a new bit of diversity and very big on communication. When it comes down to it, it’s about the work you produce, and challenges and debates are welcomed to find the best outcome regardless of status or gender. Open-mindedness is part of the job description.”


What has been the most career-defining moment that you are proud of?


“Completing my internship having produced work the company was happy with and being offered a permanent position.”


Who has been your biggest advocate/mentor in the workplace and why?


“Senior Developer Michael, he makes sure that I do not sell myself short when talking about the work I’ve done as I am still quite new to the industry and need to get the hang of the jargon. He is very smart but always willing to teach as well; he is willing to reexplain something in another way if I don’t quite understand.”


What do you think we should be doing more of to encourage more girls to consider a career in tech?


“Have more than one person/mode to communicate with if things are uncomfortable or not 100% understood. Make the internship more accessible via supporting/joining communities - I think the idea of networking can be a bit daunting in this industry as a female leaving high school if you didn’t fit in with the boys. Not being frowned upon or underestimated when you don’t necessarily speak logically but instead taught how to communicate up to standard.”


Having access to a senior role model helps you in developing your knowledge and skills. Being encouraged and empowered forms the base of a successful future in technology – learning new perspectives both for mentor and mentee. 


In the wise words of Warren Buffet: “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”


To create opportunities for the future female leaders, we need to start planting the trees (creating change) today so that they can enjoy the shade (opportunities) in the future. 

Welcome to the EnterpriseWorx Team Chalice.


It is an honor to have you on our team, and we look forward to your future successes.

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