The Heart of EWX

Posted by Marliesa Dougans on Sep 10, 2020 3:01:09 PM



A core value is defined as a principle or belief that a person or organization is of central importance. 


Collaboration is fundamental to our organization and is at the heart of EWX. 


You will often hear companies use the term “collaboration” too easily and without actually knowing that they are indeed reaching these moments to connect. We believe in impactful collaboration. Together we are stronger, leveraging the collective genius through our diverse talents, perspectives, and skillsets to achieve a common goal.


Why is collaboration a core value?

EWX was founded through community. Collectively we have more knowledge, skills, and experiences rather than on an individual basis. Translating directly into our working environment.


Collaboration is a serious business! It is in our nature as humans to connect, and we crave that interaction. We gain energy by working together and sharing in each other’s passions to develop and innovate. 

We make better decisions when we work together. 


How do we facilitate collaboration?

We don’t simply ask you to interact with your team member but rather cultivate an environment that promotes collaboration through creative and fun ways. We do Team Building events, quiz nights, and a good old South-African Braai every other Friday at our in-house entertainment area, equipped with a bar, a PlayStation, an outdoor chill area; every second month we host a LAN and Poker evening. 


Another facet to our organization is the efforts to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We encourage all team members to participate in our Beast Mode movement that regularly signs up for sports activities. We are currently in the middle of the Justice League Series event, not to mention the trophies already in the bag! You don’t need to be a professional athlete – we want all fitness levels participating. Whether you walk or run, we are there to cheer each person across the finish line.


We encourage partners to join in on the fun as it creates an undeniable dynamic when family becomes part of the organization.


Collaboration doesn’t always happen in a controlled environment with a pen, paper, and some instructions to “Go collaborate now”, but rather in exploring the creative moments you didn’t anticipate. 


Do we plan on technical collaboration events?

Yes! We will be hosting our internal Hackathon event where the entire company – from the CEO to the receptionist – participates. It might sound crazy, but there is a method to our madness. We are all-inclusive, everyone participates. Each person has a set of skills that grows a team. Not all members possess the same skillset and where one fails, the other uplifts.


Do we search for like-minded individuals to join the team?

Yes, always! A diverse team that collaborates is strong. Various skillsets provide ingenious solutions. Who would we say no to that?


Can you see this core value through the office?

It would be hard to miss! You can sometimes feel a certain hum in the office with the magic our team generates. You will frequently see Team Members playing a quick game of Fifa or joining in on drawing on the whiteboards to expand upon ideas.  


We like to do great things together; we are bold, we are expressive, and we are inclusive. We encourage, uplift, and celebrate each other’s successes. We are a family, as cliché as it may sound, it is part of our culture here. Collaboration is our number one core value. It forms part of our roots; it is part of our DNA. 

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